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Posted on: July 7, 2010

UDBHAAS Child Development Clinic

a unit of NANRITAM, a voluntary welfare organisation

(Registration no. S/1l/8102 of 2001-2002)

Clinic Address:

  • 22M Srinath Mukherjee Lane, Kolkata-700030, India

Phone No:  098300 05780

e-mail: udbhaas@gmail.com

Our Special E ducation Unit for children with Special needs: 

Regular sessions from 11am to 1:30pm, 5 days a week



  • Udbhaas: Thanks for the interest you have shown in our organisation. UDBHAAS Child Development Clinic & Specal school is in north Kolkata. Our address is 2
  • ATANU SEN: What is the address of udbhaas in kolkata. Please add the qualification of all therapist of your org. Do all your spl educators have RCI licence?
  • Rezwana: I want to make an appointment to assess my 4 and 7 month old daughter. She has 12-14 word in her vocabulary, less eye contact and attention problem.