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Udbhaas Child Development   aims to provide diagnostic and interventional services to children with difficulties in physical, mental or language development and learning & behavioural problems, through an inter-disciplinary approach. We try to reach out to every child with disability, surpassing the socio-economic barrier.

The centre brings together specialists in the fields of Developmental Pediatrics, Physical Medicine, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology and Developmental Psychology and various rehabilitation modalities like physiotherapy, occupational therapy & sensory integration, play therapy & speech therapy.

Our endeavour is to provide holistic and customized services to every individual child.


Every child has to go through a complex process of growth & development at various levels to ultimately emerge as a normal adult. Any deviation in these stages of development will lead to developmental disability. Such disability may express in various forms, which include Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Attention Deficit disorders, Visual & Hearing problems, Speech & Language disorders, Learning disabilities, Behavioural problems and many more.

Such developmental disability affects  not only the individual, but the family and the society at large.

There are over 35 million children in India with developmental disabilities and more than 6,00,000 in Kolkata.

The problem appears graver among the under privileged, where health care facilities are inadequate and the child’s health problems are not addressed to unless it is overtly expressive. Moreover, overall cognitive stimulation of the growing child is poor, hence he cannot achieve the best of his potential.

This grave problem can only be tackled through early screening & identification and Early Intervention Programs, to bring out the best in the affected individual

We, as a team of developmental specialists, felt it a compelling responsibility to render integrated, specialized services to these deserving and deprived children, and Udbhaas was conceived in 2008, with a goal to

  1.  Identify and start treatment of developmental problems EARLY
  2. Improve life quality of developmentally challenged children through provision of Integrated Care, with professionals working together as an interdisciplinary team. Our team of skilled professionals, led by a developmental paediatrician works closely with children and their families to provide coordinated care.
  3. Help these children achieve the best to their potentiality
  4. Rehabilitate them in our social structure so that they can lead a self- supportive and purposeful life.
  5. Educate the parents to take a lead role in the child’s care and become essential partners in their child’s development program, thus learn to cope with the situation.
  6. Provide Care for children of all sections of society, irrespective of financial considerations. At Udbhaas, the  child with financial constrains is provided full services at low or no cost.



Developmentally Challenged Patients Attended to since 2011



2011 78 780
2012 86 936
2013 104 1664
2014 130 2080
2015 58 1728
2016 64 1974
2017 72 2017
TOTAL 592 11179





2012-‘13 638 168 140
2013-‘14 640 111 504
2014-‘15 733 169 >650
2015-‘16 1200+ 134 460
2016-17 122 580


This unit provides regular, structured, play based educational support programs and group activity to children with mental challenges and learning & behavior problems, which include mental retardation, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD & learning disabilities. Here we stimulate all-round life-skill development & ADL and help prepare them for main-streaming to regular  schools eventually. Our major focus is on improving communication skills, socialization, attention and concentration. We provide 1:1 as well as classroom sessions, which include play, music, sensory integration and simple Yoga in addition to basic education. Presently we have 65 students enrolled with us, ages ranging from 3-18 years. Many are still wait-listed.


This unit works with the special children to augment their creative skills while working on their fine motor ability and attention span development. This unit helps the children make creative consumable items like greeting cards, bags, bead jewelry and other novelties which are put up for sale and exhibition. This boosts confidence in the little ones and also enhances their potentiality to do something in later life.

This unit functions both in Kolkata and Purulia, working with urban as well as rural children.


Our team constantly works with the parents, to sensitize them to their child’s problem. Parents are groomed and actively involved in the regular therapy procedures. We also actively take up issues on advocacy for the child with special needs at schools and other social settings.



We have been conducting developmental delay detection and early intervention programs in Purulia since 2012 and have screened more than 3200 children from the rural areas of Purulia and have detected more than 600 children with various delays/ challenges.



Udbhaas organizes training and awareness programs on Developmental challenges, their identification and management for various groups of professionals and care givers, which  include Pediatricians, primary physicians, nurses, school teachers, community based care-givers and parents.

Trainings at various levels have been provided, both in the city as well as in rural settings to more than 1200 trainees so far.



Various publications from Udbhaas include:

  • Training modules for doctors, nurses and ground-level health workers on Early Child Development : Detection & Management of Developmental challenges (approved by UNICEF).
  • Books and booklets on developmental problems written by our specialists, for mass awareness.
  • Books on Early Teaching methods for children with special needs.


  1. RESEARCH PROJECTS (In Collaboration with UNICEF):

To identify developmental delay among high –risk newborns discharged from the sick newborn care unit (SNCU) of a rural district hospital (Purulia, West Bengal) and study the impact of regular early intervention on early childhood development in children at risk.



3 Responses to "About Us"

Hi I am a Community Paediatrician working in UK. I work in the field of neurodevelopmental paediatrics in UK. I see a lot of children with Autism,ADHD,Cerebral palsy ,Down’s syndrome and other neurodevelopmental problems. I view of my experience in this area I would like to volunteer for your project if an opportunity is there. I beleive
we are very behind as compared to developed countries when it comes to providing service for neurodevelopmental problems.

Hi Pradeep,
AID LONDON will be delighted to discuss any volunteering opportunitues with you.
Could you please drop in an email to – aid.london@gmail.com
and leave your contact detials, we will get in touch with you.


Dear Pradeep,
You are most welcome. Your expertise will surely be of great help to our little kids. When do you plan to visit Kolkata? Do communicate at my email id: chattnan@gmail.com
Sorry for the delay, I was out of town and away from the internet for some time.
Dr Nandita Chatterjee

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  • Udbhaas: Thanks for the interest you have shown in our organisation. UDBHAAS Child Development Clinic & Specal school is in north Kolkata. Our address is 2
  • ATANU SEN: What is the address of udbhaas in kolkata. Please add the qualification of all therapist of your org. Do all your spl educators have RCI licence?
  • Rezwana: I want to make an appointment to assess my 4 and 7 month old daughter. She has 12-14 word in her vocabulary, less eye contact and attention problem.


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