Little did we know how enlightening and rejuvenating colours could be to the little developmentally challenged children from remote villages in Purulia.

Their disability coupled with environmental deprivation and poverty had deprived them of most enjoyments of childhood. Life was stagnated in a stale, grey pool of futility.

UDBHAAS came up with a new scheme to test the creative abilities in these challenged children, some  spastic, some with mental retardation, others  autistic. Our special educator sat with them with paper, crayons and paint and with a little motivation and support their artwork flourished! Instantaneously their eyes lit up, they simply loved the effect of colours on the canvass. As colourful pictures evolved, heavenly smiles of contentment appeared on the little faces, speaking tons of their enjoyment and sense of achievement. The ability to create something colourful was such a gratification for the kids and their parents. And for us, retrieving the hidden talents was a revelation! It was the magic moment when we could all shout  out ‘WE CAN DO IT!’


  • Udbhaas: Thanks for the interest you have shown in our organisation. UDBHAAS Child Development Clinic & Specal school is in north Kolkata. Our address is 2
  • ATANU SEN: What is the address of udbhaas in kolkata. Please add the qualification of all therapist of your org. Do all your spl educators have RCI licence?
  • Rezwana: I want to make an appointment to assess my 4 and 7 month old daughter. She has 12-14 word in her vocabulary, less eye contact and attention problem.


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