The children performing

The children performing

A brief account of activities in 2017


  1. Development Clinic

This is a multi-disciplinary special clinic for diagnosis and management of all developmental challenges, providing medical care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, Counselling and special education.

Till date we have diagnosed 590 children and have provided over 7200 therapy sessions.

  1. Special Education Unit

This unit provides regular, structured, play based educational support programs and group activity to children with mental challenges and learning & behavior problems. Here we stimulate all-round life-skill development & ADL and help prepare them for main-streaming to regular  schools . Our major focus is on improving communication skills, socialization, attention and concentration, through play, music, sensory integration and simple Yoga in addition to basic education. Close monitoring of each child is assured by maintaining a 1:4 teacher student ratio.

Presently we have 65 students enrolled with us, ages ranging from 3-18 years. Of them about 60% children have autism. Other problems include mental retardation and global developmental delay, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.


  1. Development Clinic

We run a fully equipped developmental clinic in rural Purulia catering to children from all across the district, adjoining districts and Jharkhand. So far we have diagnosed 724 children with challenges, who are provided with all specialised therapies.

  1. Detection And Early Intervention Programs At Community Level

We have been conducting developmental delay detection and early intervention programs in Purulia since 2012 and have screened more than 3200 children from the rural areas of Purulia and have detected more than 600 children with various delays/ challenges.

  1. Vocational Unit

Here the  creative skills of special children are honed, while working on their fine motor ability and attention span development, bringing out art in the form of  greeting cards,  envelops, bags, bead jewelry and other novelties which are put up for sale and exhibition. This unit functions both in Kolkata and Purulia.

  1. Research Projects (In Collaboration with UNICEF):

To identify developmental delay among high risk babies in Purulia, West Bengal and study the impact of regular early intervention on early childhood development in children at risk.


  1. Counselling & Advocacy:

Our team constantly works with the parents, to sensitize them to their child’s problem. We also actively take up issues on advocacy for the child with special needs at schools and other social settings.

  1. Trainings

Udbhaas organizes training and awareness programs on identification and management developmental challenges for various professional groups, which  include Pediatricians, primary physicians, nurses, school teachers, community level health care providers as well as care-givers and parents.

Trainings have been conducted both in the city as well as in rural settings to more than 1200 trainees so far.


  1. Publications

Various publications from Udbhaas include:

  • Training modules for doctors, nurses and health workers on Early Child Development : Detection & Management of Developmental challenges .
  • Books and booklets on developmental problems for mass awareness.
  • Books on Early Teaching methods for children with special needs.



Our children at the special education unit are coming up with lots of creations. We have recently brought out greeting cards based on their designs and drawings.

The cards are available in sets of six, priced at Rs 120/-.  Anyone interested can contact us at udbhaas@gmail.com or call +919874716585. Your interest and concern will boost and encourage our little artists.



19th April 2015 was a very special day for Udbhaas.

The children performing

The children performing

Our very special children from our Special Education Unit staged a cultural program “We shall overcome” at the Annual Celebration of our parent organisation, Nanritam, at one of the premier Halls in Kolkata.

The children gracefully performed before a gathering of more than 300 audience which included many elite personalities from the city. It was a moment of great pride to us and all the parents too, when loud applaud filled the hall.

Well done kids! YOU REALLY DID IT!!

UDBHAAS team on stage

UDBHAAS team on stage

Thanks to our really “special” Special Educators, who brought out the best in our children.

A Felicitation Well Deserved

A Felicitation Well Deserved

Our Teachers

Our Teachers


2 Responses to "UPDATES"

What is the address of udbhaas in kolkata.
Please add the qualification of all therapist of your org.
Do all your spl educators have RCI licence?

Thanks for the interest you have shown in our organisation.
UDBHAAS Child Development Clinic & Specal school is in north Kolkata. Our address is 22M, srinath Mukherjee Lane, Kolkata 700030. Ph 9874716585

Our therapists are all graduate or post graduate degree holders in the respective fields and our Spl Educators all have B.Ed (Spl Ed). I will be updating all details in a short while.
Yes, ALL our special educators have RCI licence.
I would be most happy to answer any other querry you may have.

Dr N Chatterjee
Director, UDBHAAS
MBBS,DCH, DNB(Ped), PG Dip(Dev. Neurology)

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  • Udbhaas: Thanks for the interest you have shown in our organisation. UDBHAAS Child Development Clinic & Specal school is in north Kolkata. Our address is 2
  • ATANU SEN: What is the address of udbhaas in kolkata. Please add the qualification of all therapist of your org. Do all your spl educators have RCI licence?
  • Rezwana: I want to make an appointment to assess my 4 and 7 month old daughter. She has 12-14 word in her vocabulary, less eye contact and attention problem.


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